Terez Sliman and Yazan Ibrahim are two musical pioneers of the acoustic, hybrid genres and folk scene in the Levante bringing together soulful and socially conscious songs to a backdrop of blended rhythms of flamenco guitar and the modalities of Arabic maqams.

Their performance featured some of their best works, from the iconic “Shahrazad” to the smooth and intimate sound that they forged together in “Will you come dream” to calling out the patriarchal norms in society and consecrating womanhood in “A Prayer”.


Oscilating between word and voice, straddling between the personal and the public, Terez Sliman is an independent Palestinian singer, songwriter and founder of Nafas workshops and retreats, drawing out the raw human experience and turning sorrows and anger into songs through her congenial sounds.

Born in Haifa, and raised between Haifa, Akka and el-Bi’ineh village, Terez delights herself in the joys of singing through a musical repertoire built upon unique lived experiences. Driven by her innovation, vulnerability, and strong sense of belonging, Terez shatters social taboos and anchors her works in the Mediterranean surroundings while flowing within wider sensualities. Her revolutionary spirit manifests in an authentic sound that quenches the spirit’s need for the deep, meaningful and the natural.

Yazan Ibrahim is a trailblazing independent Flamenco guitarist from the Occupied Golan Heights. His passion for Andalusian musical flavours took him from his homeland in Majdal Shams to study flamenco guitar in Granada where he attended the Carmen de las Cuevas school, in addition to the “Rafael Orozco” Superior Conservatory of Music in Córdoba, with teachers such as Paco Serrano, Manolo Franco, Carlos Pacheco, Manuel Cera Vera, Nino De Pura, Gabriel Exposito. His innovative collaborations included his solo project Shams, Yunamàn (Greek music), Danuk (Kurdish music), Toot Ard (root, rock, reggae), Terez Sliman (jazz, folk, rock), Cremita Jam (Flamenco Jazz), Jorge Pardo, Paquete, Amparo Sànchez, and many more.